Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back in school

So, I've just returned to school to work toward a MA in Education, with the goal of becoming a high school History teacher.  I've started this blog to get down on "paper" some of my thoughts as I progress through the program.

My first thought is that this whole thing is a bit overwhelming.  The sheer volume of bureaucratic hoops you have to jump through, for both the Education department and the state certification agenciy is far and away greater than any other work/school experience I've had.  I'm sure after the first few weeks I'll get more comfortable with everything, but right now, after the first week, I'm having some doubts as to the wisdom of this plan...

Further posts will cover my thoughts on a number of topics as I continue to read and learn more about what being a teacher actually entails.

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  1. Hang in there. The sticker shock of all the government work in EDU 500 is hard, but the course really gets a lot of that under control and enables you to focus on becoming a teacher in the rest of the program.